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    Coal Slime dryer


Discription of coal slime dryer

Coal slime rotary dryer is a kind of highly efficient, stable, and reliable heating drying equipment, designed by TAIDA group to dry materials of high moisture or strong stickness

Its performance are better than tube bundle rotary dryer and blade rotary dryer

With big capacity, low energy cost, and high efficiency

Applied in materials like coal slurry, mud, filter gypsum, muddy, high-moisture swell soil, electroplate mud, and more

Coal slime dryer special features:

By direct or indirect heating, the heating efficiency can be reach up to 95%

Operating under high temperature and low oxygen to avoid materials being self-burning or exploding when drying

Big drying capacity, highly industrialize and low cost

Low amount of air are required to save tail gas handling cost

Rotating part rotates slowly and low abrasion wear

Firm construction and durable

Compact structure, big heating area, and smaller installation area

Technical specifications:

I.D.(M) Length (M) Power (kw) Rotating speed(r/min) Overall dimensions(m)
MGT1060 1.0 6 4 3-6 6×1.9×2.1
MGT1080 8 5.5 8×1.9×2.1
MGT10100 10 10×1.9×2.1
MGT1260 1.2 6 6×2.2×2.5
MGT1280 8 8×1.9×2.1
MGT12100 10 7.5 10×1.9×2.1
MGT12120 12 12×1.9×2.1
MGT1580 1.5 8 11 8×2.6×2.8
MGT15100 10 10×2.6×2.8
MGT15120 12 15 12×2.6×2.8
MGT15140 14 14×2.6×2.8
MGT18100 1.8 10 10×3.0×3.0
MGT18120 12 18.5 12×3.0×3.0
MGT18140 14 14×3.0×3.0
MGT18180 18 22 18×3.0×3.0
MGT20180 2.0 18 22 18×3.2×3.2
MGT22120 2.2 12 30 12×3.6×3.6
MGT22140 14 14×3.6×3.6
MGT22180 18 18×4.0×3.8
MGT22200 20 20×4.0×3.8
MGT24140 2.4 14 14×4.0×3.8
MGT24180 18 18×4.0×3.8
MGT24200 20 37 20×3.6×3.6
MGT24220 22 22×4.0×3.8
MGT28140 2.8 14 75 14×4.6×4.6
MGT28180 18 18×4.6×4.6
MGT30200 3.0 20 110 20×5.0×5.0
MGT32180 3.2 18 132 18×8.0×7.0
MGT32200 20 20×8.0×7.0
MGT34200 3.4 20 150 20×5.2×5.7
MGT36300 3.6 30 200 30×5.6×5.6

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