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    DORT Sludge Aerobic Fermentation Drying System Settled in Henan

This system is applied to one waste water treatment plant in Henan Province. Designed daily capacity is 15t/day (average moisture is 85%). After fermentation disposal, final sludge can be used for gardening, soil modification and etc. Taeda DORT continuous aerobic fermentation system is a kind of dynamic fermentation technology which cost short fermentation time. Premixing , aerobic degration and fermentation are finished in the aerobic fermentation drum.

【Raw material】:sludge from waste water treatment plants 
【Input capacity】:15t/day
【Equipment configuration】:material silo, sludge weighing device, aerobic fermentation drum (continuous type), deodorization system and automatic system.
        This system is set in one waste water treatment plant in Henan Province. Designed input capacity is 15t per day (average moisture is 85%). Fermentation process can effectively kill pathogenic bacteria, parasitic worm eggs and weed seeds, fullfill water evaporation aim. Solid wastes can be transferred into stable humus so that to realize aim of stabilization, quantity reduction and harmlessness. Meanwhile, final products after fermentation can be used for gardening and soil modification. Therefore, resource utilization of waste can be reached. Compared with traditional sludge alkaline drying process, DORT aerobic fermentation system makes it come true that sludge mixing and drying function zone are seperated. Thus, DORT system is characterized by uniformity, less energy consumption, precise weighing and simple process.
aerobic fermentation sludge drying machine


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