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Household Garbage Composting System

【Applicable material】:Sludge, animal manure, kitchen garbage, household sludge and catering pigwash.
【Production capacity】:0.3-4m3/h
【Application range】:Kitchen Household Garbage Automatic Composting System can be used to deal with animal manure, kitchen waste, household sludge and catering pigwash. Crushing, dewatering, fermenting and deodorizing work will be done in one system. Wastes amount is reduced in large quantity. Final products can meet composting requirement and be used as organic fertilizer.

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Technical introduction

  Kitchen Household Garbage Automatic Composting System is developed based on similar equipment in Japan. According to different ingredients and after upgrading, Taeda Company develops a set of aerobic fermentation disposal equipment suitable for different raw materials. It can realize harmless disposal for household wastes. Materials after disposal can be directly used as fertilizer and can also be used as source of compound fertilizer. Kitchen Household Garbage Automatic Composting System can totally solve pollution problem caused by household wastes, guarantee scale production and sustainable development. Our company can provide customers with complete fermentation technology and one-stop service.
<1>Advanced process, short processing time, with complete deodorizing modular.
<2>Consumes less energy. Biology thermal recycling device developed by our Company fully makes use of biological.
<3>energy produced by microorganism splitter to provide thermal energy needed for drying and fermenting.
<4>Continuous high temperature can effectively kill harmful bacteria and threadworm commonly seen in manure.
<5>There is almost no pollution produced during the whole process. Can almost reach Zero-emission effect.


  • 清洁环保

    Green and No Pollution

    Control wastes from source and avoid secondary pollution. Equipped with multi-level purification so that to meet national requirements for emission.

  • 干燥成本低

    Low Cost & High Profit

    Wastes can be disposed on site. No transportation and labor force cost; No pollution caused by transportation. By-product can be sold as organic fertilizer.

  • 安装调试

    Durable and Long Service Life

    Adopt stainless steel and anti-corrosion material, with longer service life and reasonable design; Focus on heat recycling; saving energy.

  • 操作简单

    Multiple Purpose

    This equipment can be used to deal with animal manure, kitchen waste, household sludge and catering pigwash.

  • 操作简单

    Simple Operation

    System's temperature, air distribution and deodorizing procedure can be implemented automatically. No extra labor burden generated.

  • 操作简单

    Tailor Made Design

    Aimed at different customers, we can provide both small model and large scale production system. Can provide tailor made design.

Working principle

Technical parameters

Model Daily capacity
Electricity consumption
HL-300 300 380 10 15 3000*1600*1600  
HL-500 500 380 15 20 3500*1700*1600  
HL-1000 1000 380 18 35 4000*1900*1800  
HL-2000 2000 380 28 75 4600*2200*2200  
HL-3000 3000 380 35 115 4900*2200*2300  
HL-4000 4000 380 45 150 5200*2200*2400  

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