Taida pays much attention to talent strategy which emphasizes talent development and utilization. It also strengthen talent cultivation which includes cultivating enterprise spirit, knowledge accumulation and business skills. 
Youth needs going trails and tribulations. Your are creators of future world. Taida expects your joining for showing your talents and building a better prospect. Taida will be more brilliant because of you.

New page of life will be released by you. Expect your joining this summer!

If you are really interested in large machinery; if you are ambitious about your future; if you are full of innovation, join us. 

We will provide you with multiple position choices and enough development space. 


Taida always put people at first place. It adheres to fair distribution principle and build talent mechanism which combines competition with encouragement. It leads a road to cooperate with universities. Cultivate talents while utilizing talents. It devotes to cultivate all-round talents with good skills and management abilities in order to build a famous brand and strong enterprise.

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