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Electroplating Sludge Drying Solution

【Production capacity】:1.0~25t/h        
【Application range】:Used for drying and reduction of sludge from electroplating, chemical and leather industry.
【Applicable material】:Sludge.
【Production introduction】:Taeda Electroplating sludge dryer can full accomplish reduction, harmlessness, stabilization and recycling of electroplating sludge.

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As a basic manufacturing industry, electroplating industry has occupied an increasing proportion in development of our national economy. In the electroplating production process, a large amount of acid/alkaline wastewater will be generated in the cleaning section. This kind of waste water contains a large amount of metal elements. At present, chemical precipitation method is mainly used to treat electroplating wastewater, which will produce a lot of sediment.  These sediments are so-called electroplating sludge containing multiple heavy metals such as Cu, Ni, Cr, and Zn. It is a complex solid-liquid mixture. Heavy metal content in electroplating sludge far exceeds national environmental discharge standards and is classified as hazardous waste. Disposal methods at this stage mainly include landfill, solidification-stabilization and resource utilization. Among them, landfill method not only occupies land, but also cause certain impact on groundwater. Although solidification-stabilization method is featured in high treatment efficiency and simple operation, it does not conform to the 3R principle of solid waste disposal (That is Reduce, Reus and Recycle). Resource method refers to use electroplating sludge as raw materials or auxiliary materials to produce building materials and ceramic materials, which not only reduces harm caused by electroplating sludge to the environment, but also saves resources. Commonly used resource recycling method is to use electroplating sludge to make bricks. This method completely decomposes organic matter, germs and other harmful substances. Meanwhile, make use of lattice network structure provided by SiO2 to fix most of heavy metals in bricks. The system holds high safety performance.

TAEDA can design special drying plans according to the customer’s resource-recycling technical route, like resource-recycling technical route taking brick-making as purpose. We can provide matching micro-drying equipment to reduce sludge with 85% moisture to about 45%; like process route by taking landfill as purpose, you can choose TAEDA's electroplating sludge dryer to reduce moisture content to below 30% before safe landfill. In terms of electroplating sludge drying reduction, Zonelion Taeda has proposed a variety of thermal drying technologies to meet the needs of different regions for drying manure and sludge. If you need deep resource-based technical solutions, you can also contact us for entire deep processing technology and equipment manufacturing support services.

Techncial Advantage

* Three-new advantage: form long-term cooperative relations with universities and scientific research institutions to provide new technologies, new ideas and new directions.
* Three-speciality advantage: Professional manufacturing and R&D on drying equipment, combination with professional testing institutions and cooperation with professional research and design institutes. We can provide full-process services from project planning, blueprint design to finished product testing, environmental assessment and laboratory construction.
* Three-deep advantage: Production line holds wide application range and can cover each circle. Process details and equipment design are deeply optimized based on multiple working cases, different projects and years’ R&D.
* Three-large advantage: Taeda holds large standard mechanical manufacture base and establishes cooperation with universities and professional institutes. Taeda also have multiple large automatic manufacture processing lines.

Recommended Process

  • 低温带式干燥系统 Low-temp Belt Drying System
  • 余热低温转筒干燥系统Exhaust Heat Drum Drying
  • 蒸汽回转滚筒干燥系统Steam Rotary Drying System
  • 转筒污泥烘干系统Rotary Drum Drying System
  • 风扫旋翼式干燥系统Air Swept Drying System


Model Working principle Working temperature Heat source Occupation area Brand Capacity
MED Hot air rotary drum dryer 200-750 electricity, gas, oil, coal and biomass pellets Middle Taeda 0.5-50
WWD Circulation hot air mesh belt dryer 60-300 electricity, gas, heat conduction oil, hot water,exhaust gas, heat Large Zonelion 0.05-5
OSC Airflow fluid bed dryer 120-750 electricity, gas, oil, coal and biomass pellets Very small 中联泰达 0.1-10
GD Steam tube rotar drum dryer 100-170 steam, heat conduction oil, hot water Relatively large Taeda 0.1-8
WRC Low temperature large air volume rotary drum dryer 45-750 flue gas, exhaust gas, steam heat exchanging Relatively large Zonelion 0.1-20
       Taida Company has three registered trademarks, 中联泰达,ZONELION and TAEDA. We focuses on providing technical supports and services for various Water Companies and Wastewater Treatment Plants. Taeda sludge drying equipment serves multiple fields and various application situations.

Taeda concept: Profession, Efficiency, Innovation and Cohesion

Taeda Culture: Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.

Whatever is worth doing well is worth doing happily.

If you need deep sludge disposal solutions or have already got bid of relevant projects, please contact us for equipment purchase or cooperation discussion.

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Processing Ability

  • 乔家大院之旅Welding Platform
  • 篮球比赛增进友谊Drilling Machine
  • 大型歌唱晚会Edge Milling Machine
  • 员工风采Vertical Lathe
  • Rolling Machine

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