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Toxic Sludge Drying

Moisture content: 35% to 55%
Application range: can be applied to disposing active sludge disposal, paper sludge disposal, dyeing sludge disposal, coal washing factory, sewage factory, electroplating sludge and chemical pharmaceutical sludge. 

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Technical introduction

Application range of sludge dryer:
Powder coal with high moisture content, fine particle and high stickiness. The disposed moisture content evaporated steam reaches up to 100 cubic meters. Utilization efficiency can reach to over 90%. In the drying process, there is no harmful gas which will produce pollution to surrounded environment. 


1. High mechanical level; high production capacity; can be run consistently;
2. Supreme and simple structure; stable running and convenient operation;
3. Less malfunction; less maintenance cost; less energy consumption;
4. Products can be dried evenly;
5. The production line adopts special breaking-up device, which guarantees good drying effect.
6. It adopts new seal equipment and good thermal insulation system, which can effectively reduce coal consumption of drying system.
7. The whole system holds good sealing property. It is also equipped with complete dust collecting device. No dust leak and good operation environment.
8. The whole drying system adopts concentrate control. The temperature of hot air can be adjusted automatically. High automation level and convenient operation. 

Working principle

After the entrance of dehydrated sludge, sludge will spread evenly and get full contact with hot air with the stirring copy plates which spread evenly in rotary drum. Thus, the heat and mass transmission process will be speed up. In the drying process, under the function of copy plate and hot media with inclination, sludge will be sent to star type discharger at the other end of dryer as finished products. Process, technical parameters, structure selection and design are got from careful research. All the relevant parameters are proved by real sludge drying test. During design process, high moisture and stickiness are considered. Our company also adopts a series of special technologies and processes in order to guarantee good drying effect. 

Technical parameters

Item Specifications TDG-1 TDG-Ⅱ TDG-Ⅲ TDG-Ⅳ TDG-Ⅴ TDG-Ⅵ Remarks 
1 Daily output (T) 5-8 12-15 15-20 35-42 50-60 70-85 If the moisture content is over 65%, dehydration process should be carried out first. 
2 Feeding conveying amount (T/h) 0.6-1 1.5-2.5 2.5-3.5 4-5 5-6 6-7
3 Total installation capacity 9.5kw 13kw 18.5kw 26kw 33.5kw 37kw

Relevant cases

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