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Drilling Cuttings Sludge Harmless Dryer

【Applicable material】:Oily drilling cuttings, oily sand, oil sludge and solid waste.

【Production capacity】:20-160t/day

【Application range】:Suitable for harmful disposal and recycling of solid waste, oily sand and oil sludge.

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Technical introduction

Working principle of WCS continuous thermal harmless treatment equipment for oil sludge:
  Oil sand sludge refers to the mixture of mud, sand and water that is produced in the oilfield production process, mainly from various stages of crude oil gathering and transportation, and contaminated by crude oil and other organic materials. Because the hydrocarbons contained in the oil sands are harmful to the environment, they are listed in the National Hazardous Waste List (HW08 project). Nowadays, a large amount of oil sand is produced in various oil fields in the country, and the discharge of oil sand has become an important factor that harms the local environmental quality. According to the State Council's Regulations on the Administration of Collection of Sewage Charges, a sewage charge of 1,000 RMB per ton of oil sand will be imposed. If it is not treated directly, it will inevitably bring a serious economic burden to the enterprise. Based on this situation, Taeda Company develops WSC continuous pyrolysis oil sludge disposal system. 

  After drying disposal, oily sludge and solid wastes will be fed to WCS continuous pyrolysis oil sludge disposal through elevator and seal feeding machine. Oil vapor is distilled and oil gas will pass condenser. The part which can be liquefied will be condensed into mixing oil. The part which cannot be liquefied will enter gas purification disposal procedure. Then, they will be led to disposal machine for complete burning. Unused exhaust gas can be used for power generation, which saves energy and causes no pollution to environment. Exhaust gas after combustion will enter scrubbing tower where exhaust gas will mix with alkaline liquid pumped (there is alkaline liquid in water pool). At this moment, alkaline matter in alkaline liquid will react with acid matter in exhaust gas so that to reach aim of removing acid matter in exhaust gas. After neutralization, remaining alkaline liquid in exhaust gas will be removed by packing layer in scrubbing tower and flow back to water pool. Clean exhaust gas will be discharged out and desulphurization and dust removal aim is finished. Pyrolysis waste oil sludge will be made into bricks and collapse prevention agent. Condensed oil will be first added into fractionation processor for heating. Oil vapor will be distilled through catalytic reforming process. Oil vapor passes through condenser and basic fuel oil is fractionated. After sedimentation, chemical disposal and adding various additives, these basic fuel oil will become qualified fuel oil. 

Industry background:

  With the development of economic, oil gas demands keep rising annually. Extensive mining brings pollution to environment while enlarging exploiting range on land and ocean. It is difficult to maintain balance between resource development and environment protection. Now, national oil gas development strategy transfers to unconventional fields (shale gas, tight oil and etc). Severe pollution caused by oil base slurry and hydraulic fracturing during development process even intensify the conflict between oil gas development and environment protection, which becomes an issue to be urgently solved.
Solid waste harm:
  Oil sludge holds large volume. Without disposal, oil sludge will occupy large area and cause pollution to soil, water and air nearby if directly discharged. If piled at open land, oil sludge will directly pollute land. Crude oil released in rainy days will bring devastating pollution to surrounding plants.
Gas harm:
  Oil sludge will release odorous gas and cause pollution to soil, water and air nearby. Openly stored oil sludge may burn with open flame and produce sulfur or other toxic gas, which will not bring pollution to air, but also cause major risk to surrounding residents’ health.
Legal responsibility:
  If pollutants discharge is not up to standard, economic and criminal penalty will be carried out.

Taeda Industrial Continuous Environment Friendly Energy Saving Oil Sludge harmless Equipment:

►Through disposal, realize separation among water, oil gas and slag. Oil will be recycled through cooling device. Pollutants discharge is up to national standard.
►Pyrolysis Oil Sludge Disposal Service.
►Provide drilling cuttings disposal service caused for Oil Field Company during drilling process so that oil sludge can reach standard for removing out of oil well field. Drilling liquid will be recycled and reutilized.
►Handling capacity: 1-8t/h
►Oil content after disposal OOC≤0.3%

Result Analysis of WCS Oily Sludge Harmless Pyrolysis Disposal:

  Besides, petroleum department also provide subsidies for oily sludge disposal projects (governmental subsidy: RMB500/ton). Owing to severe harm and pollution of oil sludge, petroleum department gives great fund support for oily sludge pyrolysis disposal. After getting governmental qualification, Industrial Park can get certain subsidy from petroleum for disposing one 1 ton oily sludge. Subsidy is up to current conditions.



  • Clean and environment friendly

    Green and less pollution

    Heat of oily sludge can be effectively used. Oil slag after disposal can be useful.

  • Low drying cost

    Industrial Production

    Automatic continuous production, with advanced process, Oil sludge disposal amount of single machine can reach 8t. Consumes less fuel.

  • Installation and commissioning

    Durable& long service life

    Equipment adopts stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials, with long service life, almost no mechanical abrasion; Service life can last more than 15 years.  

  • Simple operation

    Intelligent and Save

    Adopt centralized control platform, easy operation, save labor force, greatly reduce production cost, improves working environment and labor intensity. 

Working principle

Work Process of Taeda Oily Sludge Pyrolysis System

  Oily sludge sand will be fed to pyrolysis machine continuously through automatic feeder. Water and combustible gas will be volatized. Pyrolysis machine is set with explosion proof device. Inner body can provide 500 to 950 degree high temperature environment. Then, combustible gas enters secondary incineration chamber. Finally, after condensing and oil-water separation, tail gas can be discharged based on national standard.

Composition of Taeda Oily Sludge Pyrolysis Disposal System

1. Raw material feeding system
2. Thermal pyrolysis system 
3. Exhaust gas purification system
4. Discharging system 
5. Power distribution and control system

Source manufacturer, more professional, more reliable
  WSC oily sludge disposal system designed by Taeda effectively realizes resource recycling, amount reduction and harmless disposal purposes. This kind of advanced disposal method can avoid pollution to environment. Pyrolysis product can be used as useful resources.

  This set of system adopts environment friendly, energy saving and harmless disposal methods. There is no secondary pollution caused. WSC holds great superiorities. In terms of technology, it is practical. In terms of investment, it consumes less investment. Meanwhile, it is featured in large capacity and quick effect. It has been sold to more than 10 regions and countries. WSC oily sludge pyrolysis system holds great market prospect.

Technical parameters

No. Item Contents
1 Equipment model WCS series
2 Applicable material oily drilling cuttings, oily sand, oil sludge and solid waste.   
3 Structure Horizontal rotary type
4 Daily capacity 20t-160t/d

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