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Sludge Carbonization Machine

【Applicable material】:Sludge, municipal sludge and etc.

【Production capacity】:300-3000kg/h

【Application range】:Sludge carbonization furnace can effectively carbonize dried dewatered sludge. Flue gas during the process will not be discharged out and there is no odor of the carbonized sludge.

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Technical introduction

  Municipal sludge contains combustible matter, especially the biochemical sludge (sludge discharged from secondary settling pond). Owing to large amount of active bacteria contained in the sludge, combustible matter quantity becomes more. According to sludge heat test done in Shanghai and Tianjin, heat value of China municipal sludge is about 2200 to 3300 Kcal/ton dry matter. Therefore, sludge carbonization can effectively makes use of the heat value of sludge. Meanwhile, it can kill bacteria and realize comprehensive utilization of sludge. 

  So-called sludge carbonization refers to heat sludge so that to crack cells in sludge. Water and volatile matter will be released. Carbon matters can be maintained during the process. Carbonized sludge present blackish color and particle shape, similar to industrial carbon particles. This is the source of carbonization name.

  New type sludge carbonization furnace is a kind of continuous carbonization equipment developed by Taeda Company in 2010 for dealing with domestic garbage, sludge, papermaking slag and other organic matters based on customer’s demands and requirements. On the premise of realizing sludge carbonization, it can also be widely applied for carbonization of sawdust, rice husk, grass, fruit shell and biogas residue. Heat value of dry matter in carbonized sludge can reach about 2000Kcal/kg. It is a good source of energy. After granulating, these sludge can be sent to power generator as auxiliary fuel. This kind of method makes reutilization aim of wastes come true. 

Taeda Sludge Carbonization Machine‘s  Product Display:

Sample Display of Taeda Carbonization Machine:

  In manufacturing industry, it relies both on advanced technology and experience accumulation for successfully selling sludge carbonization furnace. Success course and brilliant cost of Taeda Sludge Carbonization Machine: As one large scale sludge carbonization manufacturing base, Taeda ranks top in sludge carbonization industry. We invest much effort on developing new sludge carbonization product. Experienced professors devotes to R&D of sludge carbonization machine for many years. Our each success shows trend of our continuous progress. Seeing from technical innovation of domestic sludge carbonization furnace, it has become one necessary product for various fields.


No Flash Explosion, More Energy Saving
  High temperature flue gas produced by this machine can be directly used for dryer. After heat and mass exchanging with sludge in dryer drum, flue gas temperature will drop to lower than 120 degrees. After calculation of technical department, thermal utilization efficiency reaches to higher than 70%.

  Sludge carbonization machine can effectively carbonize dried sludge. Flue gas in production process will not be discharged out and there is no odor produced after carbonization. Please contact us for more details.


  • 清洁环保

    Green and No Pollution

    During the carbonization process, there is less smoke and almost no harm produced .It will cause no impact upon environment. Flue gas emission is up to national standard.

  • 干燥成本低

    Low Cost and High Profit

    Save energy, save running cost, occupies less area, with compact design, easy to install, save civil construction cost. Can produce sludge carbon while disposing waste solid.

  • 安装调试

    Durable&Long Service Life

    Equipment adopts stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials, with long service life, almost no mechanical abrasion; Service life can last more than 15 years.

  • 操作简单

    Multiple Purpose

    Besides sludge, this equipment can also be used for carbonization of domestic sludge, waste circuit board and agricultural wastes like rice husk, fruit shell and straw.

  • 操作简单

    Less Pollution

    Whole system adopts deep purification for tail gas disposal, which avoid pollution caused by discharging of dust and odor to environment.

  • 操作简单

    Professional Technical Team

    With professional and reliable technical team, Taeda can provide tailor made proposals according to customers’ demands.

Working principle

Process requirements of sludge carbonization

  After pretreatment of extruding machine, sludge with about 80 moisture content will be sent to sludge dispersing crushing dryer. Dried sludge will be carbonized in carbonization furnace. After cooling, final products will be stored. Exhaust gas of carbonization furnace will be sent to dryer as heat source. Exhaust gas produced by whole system will be discharged according to standard after purification.
Taeda Sludge Carbonization Process
Wet sludge will be fed to dispersing crushing dryer through sludge feeder. After drying, dried sludge will enter conveyor.
  ►Dry particles will be fed to sludge carbonization furnace which adopts external heating continuous carbonizing principle. Sludge will be constantly pyrolysis and carbonized. Then, sludge carbon produced will be sent to cooler.
  Tail gas after drying will be discharged to atmosphere after dust removal, scrubbing and deodorization.

Taeda Sludge Carbonization System Composition
A. Sludge feeder: continuously, evenly and stably feed dehydrated sludge to carbonization furnace.
B. Sludge dispersing crushing dryer: used to dry sludge, contains auxiliary combustion system.
C. Sludge carbonization machine: used for carbonizing sludge, contains high temperature seal rotary furnace and external heating chamber.
D. Cooling system: Adopt multi-level water cooling screw. Final sludge carbon can be cooled while isolating air.

Technical parameters

Model Output Power of host Overall dimension of host
TH-0.3 300Kg/h 11Kw/h 1.3×1.9×8
TH-0.5 500Kg/h 21Kw/h 1.6×2.1×9.5
TH-1 1000Kg/h 30Kw/h 2.0×2.6×9.5
TH-2 2000Kg/h 45Kw/h 2.5×2.8×10.5


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