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Sludge Fertilizer Equipment System

【Applicable material】:Animal manure, kitchen wastes, life sludge and biomass (straws and sawdusts)
【Production capacity】:1-20t/h
【Application range】:Application range: sludge fertilizer processing equipment transfers wastes (animal manure, kitchen waste and daily sludge), biomass (straw and sawdust) into useful sources for producing organic fertilizer.

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Technical introduction

  It is always a difficult issue to do dehydration, harmlessness and recycling of municipal sludge. After years’ test and R&D, TAEDA Company developed biological additives and drying agent which can realize dehydration and amount reduction of sludge in very short time. After drying, sludge becomes fertilizers which meet NY525-2002 standard of agricultural Ministry and is needed by farmers. It can be directly produced in production line, which realizes aim of amount reduction, harmless disposal and resource recycling. This kind of disposal method helps find the value of sludge and extents new process for sludge disposal.

  Technical process of municipal sludge disposal developed by Taeda Company: Makes use of phosphoric acid soluble materials and heavy metal passivation materials to fix harmful heavy metal in sludge. After rigorous disposal, heavy metal is transferred to insoluble carbonate so that to prevent heavy metal’s entrance to food circle. Then, add biological drying separation agent to effectively eliminate pathogenic bacteria and odor in sludge. Finally, these sludge are transferred to biological fertilizer which meet NY525-2002 standard regulated by Ministry of Agriculture.


Compared with common sludge composting, reduction landfill and incineration disposal methods in domestic and international market, Taeda sludge fertilizer processing equipment holds following five major advantages: 
1. No need for solarization, drying and adding bran shell; automatical reduction;
2. No secondary pollution caused by sludge incineration and landfilling.
3. Break through the technical problem of the time and energy consumption of high temperature composting; can achieve continuous production line operation;
4. the design conforms to the growing need of agricultural crops; can reduce the use amount of chemical fertilizer radically; improve the active quality of soil; repair the soil compaction hardening caused for long-time use of chemical fertilizer; beneficial for the absorption and nutrition balance of agricultural crops; active bateria can greatly promote the effective release of residual N, P, K contained in soil.
5. Low disposal cost; less investment and less resource consumed;
Compared with disposal methods of same materials, the cost of our tehcnology can be reduced by 30%. Land for sludge landfill can be saved. This technology conforms to our country’s call of sludge reduction, harmlessness and reclaimation utilization. Provided that establish sludge treats plant which daily handling capacity is 2000t (existing sludge treatment plant can be connected with equipment after filter-press and centrifugal machine), compared with same kind of disposal method, equipment and technical inputs are less. Cost can be reduced by 40%. The normal running of equipment can be achieved by selling fertilizer, which can save sludge disposal cost for government finance. 

Working principle

After being predisposed, sludge and animal manure will enter Taida fertilizer production line. Processes after that can be divided into: raw material mixing, raw material pelletizing, granularity drying, granularity cooling, granularity classification, envelop of finished products and package of finished products.
Applications: its working principle is to make wastes (animal manure, kitchen wastes and life sludge) and biomass into useful things such as orgainc fertilizer;
1. Raw material mixing: mix evenly matched raw materials to improve the uniform fertilizer content of fertilizer granularity;
2. Raw material pelletizing: send mixed raw materials to pellet machine (can use rotary drum pellet machine; also can use extruder.);
3. Graularity drying: send pelletized granularity to dryer; dry the moisture content contained in pellets up; increase the strength of granularity for easy preservation;
4. Granularity cooling: the temperature of dried fertilizer granularity is too high; easy to lump; after being cooled, fertilizers are easy to store and transport;
5. granularity classification: classify the cooled granularities; unqualified will be sent to crusher for repelletizing; qualified products are sieved out;
6. envelop of finished products: envelop qualified products; increase brightness and round degrees;
7. package of finished products: pack the finished products and preserve them in a draft;

Process flow chart 

Sludge fertilizer equipment

Technical parameters

 Name Production capacity(t/h) Installed capacity(kw) Power consumed by one ton fertilizer(kwh)
10,0000 ton/year fertilizer production line 14 35 2.5
20,0000 ton/year fertilizer production line 28 58 2.0
30,0000 ton/year fertilizer production line 42 80 1.9
60,0000 ton/year fertilizer production line 84 100 1.2


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