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    Sewage Sludge Stabilization Drying Project in Hunan Province

       This sludge drying project is located in Yongzhou of Hunan Province. Designed sludge drying capacity is 10t/day(average moisture is 80%). Lime adding ratio is 15% to 25%. After stacking and heat releasing, final moisture of sludge is 35% to 45%. 80% final particle diameter ranges from 10 to 25mm. The disposal process adopted is sludge+calcium drying technology (SG-MIXER DRUM PROCESS). Compared with traditional process, its greatest feature is that sludge mixing and drying function zone are seperated. Mixing procedure is done uniformly and energy consumption is controlled at low level. Materials and lime are dosed and fed precisely. Whole system is easy to operate.

【Raw material】:sludge from waste water treatment plants
【Input capacity】:10t/d
【Equipment configuration】:lime silo, lime dosing weighing device, sludge conveyor, mixer and discharging conveyor.

Sewage Sludge Stabilization Drying Project in Hunan Province   


     Our company customized the whole set sludge hamless disposal system for Hunan Customer. Designed input capacity of the system is 10t/h so that to meet 80t/day capacity for sludge whose average moisture is 85%.

    Our company also provide a series of services for sludge+calcium drying project, including installation, layout design and commisioning. Whole system mainly consists of lime silo, lime weighing device, sludge conveyor, mixer, discharging conveyor, screw dryer and exhaust gas disposal system. While disposing harmful sludge, moisture in sludge will react with lime and form gel to hold hamful particles which will be harden to cement solids gradually. Main structure of solidified body is hydration reaction product of cement 3CaO·SiO3. Hydration reaction products hold sludge particles inside, which makes harmful matters closed in solidfied body so that to reach stabilization and harmlessness aim.

sewage sludge drying project


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