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Slaughter Sludge Drying Solution

【Production capacity】:0.1~20t/h        
【Application range】:Used for drying and quantity reduction of sludge produced from municipal, septic tank, farm, feed farm and pasture. 
【Applicable material】:municipal sludge, sludge from farm and fermented residues.
【Production introduction】:Taeda slaughter sludge drying machine can fully accomplish harmlessness, stabilization, reduction and recycling aims for manure sludge. 

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Slaughter sludge is the product formed by sewage separation from stomach contents, feces, hem agglutination products and fur of livestock after slaughter. It is with high moisture content and easily perishable. There is foul smell, a large number of pathogenic microorganisms and parasite eggs produced along with slaughter sludge. Without proper disposal, it will not only pollute water body, but also cause air pollution and the spread of germs. The treatment of sludge in the slaughterhouse is mainly: Biogas after simple fermentation is discharged into water body. A small part of slaughter sludge will be naturally decomposed as fertilizer for crops, but without suitable treatment, it can easily cause environmental damage. At present, treatment methods of sludge mainly include sanitary landfill, incineration, anaerobic fermentation and aerobic composting. Among them, composting methods refers to process that transfer sludge mixing filling materials to resources and reach harmless aim under suitable condition, moisture, temperature PH value and ventilation. Maturity is an important basis for composting process control and composting product quality evaluation.
Aimed at this situation, Zonelion Taeda has proposed various thermal drying technologies to meet demands in different regions for drying manure sludge. If you need deep resource-based technical solutions, you can also contact us for entire deep processing technology and equipment manufacturing support services.
In terms of slaughter sludge reduction by drying, Zonelion Taeda® recommends following drying technologies and equipment that have been optimized for many years and are highly praised: low temperature belt drying system, waste heat low temperature drum drying system, steam rotary drum drying system, rotary drum sludge drying system and air swept rotary wing drying system. You can click on the "Recommended Process" below for details of above dryers and corresponding technologies. You can also call us directly for quotation and technical support.

Techncial Advantage

1、High thermal efficiency and low drying cost
New internal structure strengthens material cleaning and heat conduction function and eliminate sludge sticking phenomenon. It can well adapt to material; moisture and stickiness. Heat exchanging area is increased and drying efficiency is improved. Operating parameters can be changed according to different materials. Entire drying system adopts variable frequency speed control to make material heat exchange in the dryer more fully. Coal consumption (other fuels are optional) and power consumption are decreased by 20-25% compared with ordinary dryers. From feeding to discharging, whole process runs in a full closed environment which can prevent entrance of cold air to system. Heat source utilization rate is improved and final product quality can be guaranteed.
2、Reliable running and good stability
New type of feeding/discharging device avoids feeding block, discontinuity, unevenness and material returning. The drying system greatly reduces abrasion and power consumption. It greatly reduces abrasion between catch wheel and riding wheel. Operation is more stable and reliable.
3、Wide fuel application and environmental friendly
Fuels can be coal, oil, natural gas, and liquefied gas. It can be determined according to material requirements and local natural advantages to improve production efficiency and economic benefits. Our company’s new produc, coal gasifier and biomass combustion furnaces are used as heat carriers. Whole process is featured in energy saving, environmental protection, safety and sanitation, no pollution to raw material and high thermal efficiency. Its thermal efficiency is 30% higher than combustion furnace. One operator is enough. No need to charge coal circularly. It can be stopped anytime according to demands.
4、High automation level and fulfill real time production supervision
Whole system can be equipped with PLC automatic control. The system includes advanced detection equipment like temperature detection, pressure detection, temperature adjustment (adjustable at any time according to material needs), automatic fault alarm, automatic protection shutdown and other functions. It can also be equipped with industrial television monitoring system for inspecting and controlling of production status and situation so that to make drying equipment better meet demands.

Recommended Process

  • 低温带式干燥系统 Low-temp Belt Drying System
  • 余热低温转筒干燥系统Exhaust Heat Drum Drying
  • 蒸汽回转滚筒干燥系统Steam Rotary Drying System
  • 转筒污泥烘干系统Rotary Drum Drying System
  • 风扫旋翼式干燥系统Air Swept Drying System


ModelWorking principleWorking temperatureHeat sourceOccupation areaBrandCapacity
MEDHot air rotary drum dryer200-750electricity, gas, oil, coal and biomass pelletsMiddleTaeda0.5-50
WWDCirculation hot air mesh belt dryer60-300electricity, gas, heat conduction oil, hot water,exhaust gas, heatLargeZonelion0.05-5
OSCAirflow fluid bed dryer120-750electricity, gas, oil, coal and biomass pelletsVery small中联泰达0.1-10
GDSteam tube rotar drum dryer100-170steam, heat conduction oil, hot waterRelatively largeTaeda0.1-8
WRCLow temperature large air volume rotary drum dryer45-750flue gas, exhaust gas, steam heat exchangingRelatively largeZonelion0.1-20

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Processing Ability

  • 乔家大院之旅Welding Platform
  • 篮球比赛增进友谊Drilling Machine
  • 大型歌唱晚会Edge Milling Machine
  • 员工风采Vertical Lathe
  • Rolling Machine

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