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Chemical Sludge Treatment

Drying temperature: 40 degree centigrade to 75 degree centigrade
Applications: It is applied to metallurgy, drying, chemistry, building materials, refractory materials, papermaking sludge and other industries.
Materials: solid content is more than 30%
Product introduction: petrochemical sludge dryer is developed by Zhengzhou taida. Petrochemical sludge dryer adopts dehumidifying heat pump drying technology, which can effectively reduce running cost and improve drying quality.

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Technical introduction

 Petrochemical sludge is also called tri-slurry (oil tank bottom sludge, flotation tank scum and residual activated sludge). Generally, these sludges contain much organic matters, hydrocarbons and oil which holds much moisture and huge volume. It always takes up for 70% to 85% of the total wastes. According to national hazardous waste list, it belongs to hazardous wastes.
At present, most of the petrochemical enterprises dispose sludge by landfill without perfect treatment and disposal facilities. But in fact, due to disposal difficulties of sludge with high water content sludge landfill and potential safety hazard, secondary pollution will be caused. Secondly, with improvement of urbanization and landfill site selection requirements, it is more and more difficult to choose a landfill site.
Now almost every petrochemical enterprise is facing with problems of shortage of landfill capacity, aging technical equipment, high cost and environmental protection limits. Some even have produced a secondary pollution from sludge. Petrochemical sludge treatment has become an urgent environmental issure each petrochemical enterprise can’t ignore.
Petrochemical sludge treatment


Safe landfill and incineration
Methods: safe landfill and incineration
1. Safe landfill is way where wastes are stored in land temporarily. It is limited by operation conditions, landfill volume and site selection;
2. Incineration is the only way which can realize reduction of wastes, total incineration of pollutants and recycle of waste heat. However, it costs much fuels and running expenses. 

Working principle

Drying of oily sludge
Drying is a process which takes advantage of thermal energy, residual heat and waste heat to evaporate moisture fast. The thermal value of petrochemical sludge is always over 4000 kcal/kg. The thermal value of 85% sludge with moisture is only 90kcal/kg. If the petrochemical sludge is burnt directly, it will cost large amount high quality fuels. Running expenses is very high. After being semi-dried, moisture content is reduced to about 40%. The volume can be reduced to 30% of its initial moisture. The thermal value reaches to over 2000kcal/kg. Then, start incineration disposal. After being recycled, thermal quantity got can meet the requirements of sludge drying. The best advantages of sludge drying:
1. Improve thermal value; recycle energy; reduce running cost;
2. Greatly reduction of sludge; reduce sludge volume; reduce covering area; reduce the cost for transportation and landfill disposal;
It adopts horizontal thin-layer drying process of indirect drying technology characterized by steam inerting, short process, no overheating, convenient and flexible. A little amount of exhaust air uses open circuit system to avoid concentration of circulating gas. This process is safe and reliable. It is suitable for petroleum chemical water treatment of oily sludge. 
Petrochemical sludge treatment

Technical parameters

According to different final disposal methods, customers can make following decisions;
1. 35% to 50% semi-dried sludge is suitable for fluidized bed combustion;
2. 60% to 70% semi-dried sludge is suitable for rotary kiln, hazardous burning or direct disposal.
3. 85% to 90% fully dried sludge can be used as fuels for power plants, cement plants, being pyrolyzed or for other thermal energy conversion processes.

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