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Rotary Scraper Dryer

Materials: printing and dyeing sludge
Output: 0.5 to 5 t/h
Moisture content of materials: 15% to 65%
Application fields: chemical, dyeing, pharmaceutical, food and metallurgy and other industries; can also be used to drying liqour and viscous materials; 

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Technical introduction

Can be applied to chemical, dyeing, pharmaceutical, food and metallurgy and other industries; can also be used to drying liqour and viscous materials;
1. Check the flexibility of rotary parts; check if there is blocking phenomenon; sprocket and other parts should be added gease regularly; regular periodic correction of pressure gauge; if the abrasion of triangle belt is too severe, replace relavant parts in time.
2. The maintenance of motor and reducer are shown at their maintenance instructions;
After installation, start commissioning first;
3. Check if the rotary direction of main motor is right;
4. Check if the transmission of  main rotary drum and other parts are flexible; check if the inlet and outlet of steam are connected; check if the pressure gauge is in the range of working pressure;
5. Start motor; when the main rotary drum runs stably and the temperature has increased, feed materials; then, adjust the rotary speed of motor and the uniformity of thin film on rotary drum in order to control the final moisture of materials.
6.Start dragon motor; send out dry finished materials; according to the amount of dry finished products, adjust the rotary speed of dragon motor; 


1. High thermal efficiency;
2. Flexible operation;
3. Short drying period;
4. High drying speed;
The installation and layout should follow drawings; the ground should be flat; install a pressure gauge and safety vlave at the inlet of steam; all steam inlets are connected firmly by flanges; 

Working principle

Drum dryer is a kind of internal heat conduction type rotary continuous drying equipment. The rotating drum is adhered to a material film with a thickness through the lower part of the roller. Heat is sent to inner wall of rotary drum and transferred to outer wall. Then the heat is transferred to material film, which makes the moisture of film evaporated and dehydrated. The moisture content of materials gets dried. Dried materials are sent out by scraper shovel installed on the surface of roller drum to screw conveyor under the blade at the bottom. Through the screw conveyor, materials will be collected and packed. 

Technical parameters

Specifications Size of rotary drum Effective heating area (m2) Drying capacity
Steam consumption
Overall size(mm)
HG-600 Φ600×800 1.12 40-70 100-175 2.2 1700×800×1500 850
HG-700 Φ700×1000 1.65 60-90 150-225 3 2100×1000×1800 1210
HG-800 Φ800×1200 2.26 90-130 225-325 4 2500×1100×1980 1700
HG-1000 Φ1000×1400 3.30 130-190 325-475 5.5 2700×1300×2250 2100
HG-1200 Φ1200×1500 4.24 160-250 400-625 7.5 2800×1500×2450 2650
HG-1400 Φ1400×1600 5.28 210-310 525-775 11 3150×1700×2800 3220
HG-1600 Φ1600×1800 6.79 270-400 675-1000 11 3350×1900×3150 4350
HG-1800 Φ1800×2000 8.48 330-500 825-1250 15 3600×2050×3500 5100
HG-1800A Φ1800×2500 10.60 420-630 1050-1575 18.5 4100×2050×3500 6150

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