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River Silt Sludge Dewatering Separation System


【Daily capacity】:
120m³/h, 240m³/h, 500m³/h, 1000m³/h,1500m³/h,2000m³/h.

Application range】:river silt sludge dewatering separation system is used for drying and separation of river silt sludge.

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It is used for solid-liquid separation of silt or muddy water produced in the dredging process for various rivers and lakes, solid dry pile transportation, and mud recycling so that to greatly save mud costs and liquid waste treatment costs. It adopts primary large material to separate and combine with small material flocculation and pressing and drying process characterized by large capacity, high drying index and accurate disposal. Product specifications and models cover 100-2000m3/h. Different treatment effects and treatment capacity can be designed according to different project needs and customer requirements. Our company can conduct indoor tests on incoming samples and recommend processing techniques based on test results.

Techncial Advantage

1.High processing accuracy: adopt modern drilling mud purification and solids control technology to accurately control mud performance.
2.Fast: adopt modular design which provides convenience for system transportation and simple installation.
3.Strong function: This system can be equipped with various processes such as mud mixing, circulation and dehydration according to user requirements. We can also be add user's extended process interface to the system, such as dehydrator, centrifuge and filter press to meet processing requirements under different geological conditions.
4.Strong mobility: It adopts skid-mounted design and is suitable for application in different working sites. It has Low requirements on ground foundation and strong off-road adaptability.

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Model ZS100A ZS100B ZS200A ZS200B ZS250
Input capacity 100m3/h 150m3/h 200m3/h 250m3/h 300m3/h
Power 33kw 48kw 59kw
Overall dimension 2930×2000×2410 3500×2350×2650
Weight 2880kg 3400kg 4200kg

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Processing Ability

  • 乔家大院之旅Welding Platform
  • 篮球比赛增进友谊Drilling Machine
  • 大型歌唱晚会Edge Milling Machine
  • 员工风采Vertical Lathe
  • Rolling Machine

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