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Fluid Bed Combustion Furnace

【Equipment power】:35~165kw        

【Application range】:it is applied to production industries such as metallurgy, drying, chemistry, building materials, refractory materials and fertilizer.

【Applicable material】:non-caked and weak bonding bitumite/anthracite, lignite, wood chips and coal gangue.

【Product introduction】: Fluid bed coal fired hot air furnace is also called boiling furnace where fuel coal is crushed into 1-3mm particles before combustion.

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Technical introduction

Fluid bed combustion furnace is also called boiling furnace. Coal will be crushed into 1-3mm coal particles before burning. Coal will be sent to furnace hearth for combustion. Through blower at furnace bottom and air hole on air distribution plate, coal is injected into furnace hearth. Wind from different direction aggreates and forms air cushion which will lift coal particles and furnace materials present fluid state boiling combustion. Coal particles and coal slag will turn under high temperature, rub, collide and crack until fully combustion. This kind of combustion process makes air fully contact with fuel and holds high relative velocity. Fuels will stay in fluid bed longer. Combustion speed is faster and burn-off rate is high so that to reach environment energy saving aim. Fluid bed combustion furnace has been widely applied in industrial kilns.
Application range:
High temperature flue gas boiling furnace can be used for providing heat for rotary dryer, vertical dryer, hammer dryer, indirect dryer, small slag powder production line, air-swept coal mill or vertical pulverized coal mill and fertilizer granulator. It can be widely used for drying and roasting of industrial raw materials or products, such as slag, clay, coal slime, calcium carbide slag, compound fertilizer, industrial gypsum board, iron powder, sulphur concentrate, laterite, diamond Iron ore, zinc leaching and residue.


1、Wide adaptability: can use various bitumite, anthracite, lignite, wood chips and coal gangue.
2、Furnace hearth temperature is around 1000℃. Furnace hearth outlet temperature is 850℃。 Running temperature is even and thermal supply is stable.
3、High combustion efficiency: Coal powder burn-off rate can reach 98% and thermal efficiency can reach higher than 95%. Ash slag carbon content is lower than 2%. Not easy to forming tar and with good activeness. Final slag can be used for
4、Easy ignition and long fire pressing time. Intermittent fire pressing time can reach 16 to 48 hours. No need to re-ignite after pressing fire.
5、Hot flue gas exit temperature is adjustable and flue gas exist can be configured flexible.
6、Clean combustion, low NoX content in flue gas. Can realize desulpurization aim and let sulpur in coal enter furnace slag in solid form.
7、Whole system can realize PLC automatic control, which saves labor force.
8、Furnace body with long service life, less quick wear parts and costs low maintenance and repair expense.

Working principle

User instructions:
Before purchasing and using this equipment, please share us analysis report of coal you always use: the report shall contain coal calorific value, volatile matter, fixed carbon content, ash content, coal consumption, coal type (bitumite, anthracite). Where will the furnace be used for and what kind of requirements it shall reach (like exist temperature) . User should also tell automation level requirement so that we can provide precise design and meet customers' demands.
fluid bed combustion furnace

Technical parameters

Equipment modelFTL300FTL500FTL700FTL1000FTL1500FTL2000FTL3000
Thermal output (Kcal/h)300~400500~700700~9001000~12001500~18002000~25003000~3500
Air temperature(°C)300~800500~1100

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