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Chain Direct Heating Furnace

【Coal consumption】:60~6000kg        

【Application range】:it is applied to metallurgy, drying, chemistry, building materials, refractory materials, fertilizer and other industries.

【Applicable material】:non-caked and weak bonding bitumite and anthracite;

【Product introduction】:Chain hot air furnace is also called chain furnace where fuel are burnt and discharged automatically under driving force of chain. It is a very energy-saving and efficient hot air furnace

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Technical introduction

Chain type hot air furnace is also called chain furnace. Under the driving force of chain, fuel will be burnt and discharged automatically. It is featured in energy saving. It can use coal, wood, biomass pellets and other similar items as fuel. Hot air will be produced directly by combustion. It mainly contains of combustion furnace, fuel feeder, slag remover, blower, gearbox, purification chamber, blower, duct, gate valve, air distribution door and ash cleaning door.


※ High-cleaness hot air can meet process demands;
※ Hot air temperature can be easily adjusted under 900℃;
※ With high safety level and no explosion risk. No need registration in technical supervision department;
※ Adopt direct heating mode. Compared with indirect type, its thermal efficiency is increased by 20% and electricity consumption is reduced by 80%. With obvious energy saving effect;
※ Featured in long service life, simple operation and easy maintenance, there is no difficult of ash cleaning and easy damage.
※ Configured with strong exhaust blower and air duct, furnace drying, startup and emergency emptying process are easier and faster to carry out.

Working principle

Fuel will be lifted to hopper before furnace by bucket elevator. Along with the slow movement of furnace grate, coal fuel will enter furnace hearth automatically. based on different fuel type, there are multiple scientific design combustion inside furnace, like front arch, rear arch and front-rear arch, which guarantees timely and full combustion of fuel. Secondary combustion room is set above rear-front arch, which makes sure full combustion of fuel and improves thermal efficiency. Meanwhile, there are many flue gas parition set in secondary combustion room. During flowing process, flue gas will be primarily settled after times' collision and turning. Burnt slag will move along with furnace grate and be discharged out of furnace by slag removing device at tail.
  After full combustion, hot flue gas carries little amount of dust and enter multi-level purification chamber through output port of secondary combustion room. There are many partition set in purification chamber. Smoke vent holes are distributed regularly on partition. All Partrition across from smoke vent hole are set with Inverted "U" shape seperation groove. Flue gas will pass by all-level purification chamber in designed speed. Through extending flue gas passage, collision to partition and times continuous steering inertia seperation, dust in flue gas gets settled and clean hot air is produced. Dust content in hot air can be redued to 80 to 120mg/m3. High-temperature purification chamber is installed with lots of ash cleaning doors so that to provide convenience for ash cleaning. Tail part of purification chamber is set with air distribution door, which provides convenience for adjusting hot air temperature. There is strong emptying duct and exhaust blower for emptying work of drying furnace, startup and emergency stop.

direct heating combustion room

Technical parameters

ModelThermal supplyTemperatureCoal consumptionThermal efficiencyPowerOverall dimensionsWeight
104 kcal/h104 kj/h°C;kg/h%kw (L×D×H)mT

Notes: 1. parameter in table is only for reference. Please contact us for details. 
            2. Adopt middle-quality bituminous coal, heat value of coal: 5500kg/kg. 

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