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Double-stage Coal Gasifier

Feed granularity: ≤50mm      

Applications: it is applied to production industries such as metallurgy, drying, chemistry, building materials, refractory materials and fertilizer.  

Materials: non-caked and weak bonding bitumite and anthracite
Product introduction: high thermal value; less coal consumption; convenient to operate; friendly to environment; large amount of by-product tar produced; good quality of tar;

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Technical introduction

Double-stage coal gasifier is also called two-stage coal gasifier. It is especially designed for bituminous coal gasification. Compared with single-stage coal gasifier, it is featured in high thermal value, small coal consumption, convenient operation, strong environmental protection, large amount of by-product tar and good quality of coke. The double-stage coal gasifier developed by our company holds large sectional area of distillation section, large amount of stored coal, slow speed of moving downward and long distillation time. Coal can be distilled fully. The heat transfer mode of distillation section is mainly convection heat transfer. With simple structure and convenient maintenance, it holds good effect of heat transfer and complete heat transfer;
There are two coal gas outlets for double-stage furnace. The two outlets can output coal gas with different thermal value. Compared with single-stage coal gasifier, it holds higher gasification efficiency and comprehensive thermal efficiency. There is almost no coke at coal gas outlet of lower stage; there is a little amount of light coke produced in coal gas in upper stage; pipeline will not be blocked easily; the thermal value of coal gas is very stable; operation is very flexible; this machine holds high level automation; the conveying distance is long; it can be applied to non-caked coal and old lignite. it is not only friendly to environment, but also energy-saving.
GS series coal gasifier developed by our company combines advantages of large-medium sized coal gasifiers from home and abroad. After years’ experience, our company develops this patent coal gasifier for industrial kilns and boilers after overcoming many difficulties. GS series coal gasifier is also called atmospheric fixed bed type coal gas producer which is composed of mechanical feed system, coal gasification system, steam generation system and slag breaking and discharge system. This series of coal gasifier is characterized by simple structure, strong security and convenient operation. Coal gas produced is a mixture of semi-water coal gas with high thermal value. Combining with various industrial kilns, it can make full use of residual heat and reduce energy. There is no dust, smoke and noise produced in the process. It holds strong ability for rotary tower slag discharging and slag breaking. Slags are discharged into water seal tank. No fly ash is produced. Raw coals holds strong commonality.
As long as the coal with low slag-bonding and sulfur content, it can be applied to any kinds of coals.
We can provide our customers with atmospheric fixed bed type and atmospheric fluid bed type coal gasifier. These two kinds of coal gasifier adapt to different environments. At present, coal gasifier is the best equipment for energy saving and environmental protection. Meanwhile, in order to reduce customers’ investment, our company provides reformation of various old heat furnaces. Expect your inquire. 


Coal adding section: coal position detector is installed in this section; automatic coal adding is realized by cooperation of coal position detector and stoker; full stock operation is guaranteed;
Distillation section: liner in furnace; this structure is designed after precise heat transfer and heat exchange calculation. Heat transfer efficiency is improved, which makes coal used for gasifier dried and distilled fully and effectively. Then, volatile fraction is separated out, which will improve the thermal value of coal gas and benefit the gasifying of coal gas at lower section.
Gasification stage: adopt water jacket structure; steam produced by itself for gasification at furnace bottom;
Coal feeding mechanism: Adopt advanced upper cylinder to add coal mechanism under bell cover; easy operation; simple maintenance; good air tightness;
Ash cleaning mechanism: adopt ratchet pawl and hydraulic drive to remove ash at two sides; big ash knife is designed with self-designed plough ash removing knife; reliable and stable transmission; smooth ash removal; plough ash removing knife developed by our company has been applied to many gasifiers at home and abroad. It enjoys good reputations among its users. 

Working principle

Double-stage coal gasifier

Technical parameters

Model CG3Q2.0-2 CG3Q2.4-2 CG3Q2.6-2 CG3Q3.0-2 CG3Q3.2-2
Diameter of furnace body
2000 2400 2600 3000 3200
Area of furnace body
3.14 4.52 5.35 7.07 8.04
Fuel consumption
800~920 1200~1400 1400~1600 2000~2100 2100~2500
Coal gas output
2500~3000 3600~4200 4200~5200 6000~6500 6500~8000
Air consumption
1.5~2.5 1.5~2.5 1.5~2.5 1.5~2.5 1.5~2.5
Steam consumption
0.3~0.5 0.3~0.5 0.3~0.5 0.3~0.5 0.3~0.5
Available coal non-caked and weak bonding bitumite and anthracite;the quality of coal should meet the
Size of coal
20~40 or 25~50 or 30~60
Thermal value of coal gas
Upper 7100~7500 7100~7500 7100~7500 7100~7500 7100~7500
Lower 5016~5643 5016~5643 5016~5643 5016~5643 5016~5643
Mixture 6186~6690 6186~6690 6186~6690 6186~6690 6186~6690
Outlet temperature
Upper 100~150 100~150 100~150 100~150 100~150
Lower 500~600 500~600 500~600 500~600 500~600
Pressure of furnace outlet
Upper <1 <1 <1 <1 <1
Lower <1.5 <1.5 <1.5 <1.5 <1.5
Blast pressure of furnace bottom
5~6 5~6 5~6 5~6 5~6
Blast saturation
50~65 50~65 50~65 50~65 50~65

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