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Gas Oil Fired Hot Air Furnace

【Working temperature】:20~1000℃        

【Application range】:it is applied to production industries such as metallurgy, drying, chemistry, building materials, refractory materials and fertilizer.

【Applicable material】:non-bonding and weak bonding anthracite and bitumite;

【Product introduction】:Gas oil fired hot air furnace is a kind of heat source equipment which adopts diesel, light oil, natural gas and LPG as fuel to provide hot air. 

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Technical introduction

Taeda gas oil fired hot air furnace adopts seperate body structure and holds flexible configuration. It is especially suitable for large scale equipment and its thermal efficiency is higher than 90%. Output temperature can reach 750℃. Flue gas will not intervene air. Clean hot air will be produced through heat exchanging. Applicable fuels are diesel, natural gas and municipal coal gas. It can work with various dryer, rotary kiln and burner. Application range: drying and heating. Composition: furnace body, air mixing device, flue gas outlet, abutment and air regulator.


Main features:
1. Jacket type air cooling structure; can cool both outer wall of and inner wall of furnace;
2. As secondary combustion air, cool air joins the combustion,which improves thermal efficiency.
3. Flotation inner tube can guarantee free thermal expansion;
4. Special high-aluminum bricks shaped arch guarantee long service life of furnace wall;
5. Vortex shell is adopted for air mixture; reasonable design and even air mixture;
6. special burner developed by our company can automatically distribute the amount of primary air and secondary air; the temperature of hot air can be adjusted freely with change of process while full combustion is guaranteed. 

Working principle

Fuel will be burnt through burner and form flame. Flame will be burnt in hot air furnace. Meanwhile, certain proportion of air will be mixed in furnace through control system. Hot air which meet temperature requirement will be sent to dryer or other equipment in need of heat through gas discharging port.

Technical parameters

ModelThermal supplyHot air temperature

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