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Hand-fired Hot Air Furnace

【Coal consumption】:60~360kg        

【Application range】:it is applied to production industries such as metallurgy, drying, chemistry, building materials, refractory materials and fertilizer.

【Applicable material】:non-caked and weak bonding bitumite and anthracite;

【Product introduction】:Hand fired hot air furnace is a kind of hot air furnace which uses coal/wood as fuel and adopt manual feeding mode. It is featured in simple structure, long service life and wide application range.

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Technical introduction

Hand fired hot air furnace is a kind of heat exchange equipment which regards air as working media. It is divided into two kinds, indirect and direct one. According to the furnace structure, hot air furnace can be divided into hand-fire type, chain type and nozzle type. According to fuels used, it can be divided into biomass fuel hot air furnace, coal hot air furnace, gas hot air furnace and oil hot air furnace.


1. Simple structure, save, quick and easy to operate;
2. Can use a wide range of fuels such as biomass, lignite and bitumite;
3. Adopt special fire bar; casting type furnace body and optimization type furnace structure can guarantee long service span of hot air furnace;
4. Reasonable air distribution and inlet and outlet air design; full combustion; high thermal efficiency which can reach 10%;
5. Furnace body and heat exchanger are installed separately, which provides convenience for transportation and maintenance;
6. The thermal efficiency of direct hot air furnace is 15% to 20% higher than that of indirect hot air furnace;
Applications of hand-fire type hot air furnace: 
Feed: dregs, barley straw feed, pellet feed, dicalcium phosphate etc. 
Building materials: ceramic fiber, insulation board, thermal insulation cotton, ultra-fine powder, desulfurization gypsum, quartz sand, etc. 
Environmental protection type: paper making black liquor (lignin), sludge drying, phosphorus gypsum, waste liquid treatment, solid waste, etc. 
Food and drug categories: food, dried fruits, vegetables, medicines, etc
Water purification agent: polymeric aluminum chloride, sulfuric acid, etc. 
Other: wood, mining smelting processing, rubber powder, acetylene bottle, plastic mold etc. 

Working principle

Fuel is burnt in hand fired hot air furnace and produce high temperature flue gas which will mix with certain proportion of cold air. After settling and ash removing, hot air will be discharged out and sent to various dryers to realize drying aim through pipes. Direct heating hot air furnace will not need heat exchanging and heat transferring. Hot flue gas will directly heat raw materials and heating efficiency is high. 

Technical parameters

Technical parameters of horizontal hand-fire type hot air furnace

Names (model )LRF-100000kcalLRF-200000kcal
Thermal efficiency (%)≥73
Temperature of hot air outlet (°C)80-300
Heat supplied (mw)
Air volume (Nm³/h)3017-16883222-21485750-31306445-42968440-533021484-2189031055-21484
Coal consumed (kg/h)2440-5050-6070-80100-110130-140190-200240-250
Power (kw)5.579.514.522304552
Coal availableII kind bitumite
Overal dimension (mm)1220×22501450×28001650×35001750×35001950×43502200×50002400×55002600×5800
Reference weight (T)

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