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Horizontal Screw Centrifuge

Rotation speed】:2500-4800mm        

【Application range】:used for sludge centrifuge dewatering

【Applicable material】:used for primary sedimentation in different proportion, concentration of active sludge and seperation of materials. 

【Production introduction】:Horizontal screw centrifuge dewatering machine (called for horizontal screw centrifuge in short) is a kind of equipment which makes use of centrifuge sedimentation principle to seperate suspension liquid. 

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Technical introduction

  Horizontal screw unloadng settling centrifuge (short form is horizontal screw centrifuge) takes advantage of centrifugal settling principle to separate soliquid suspension. The solid particles equivalent diameter greater than 3um, feed concentration, volume ratio of less than or equal to 70%, liquid-solild ratio variation: 0.05g/cm no. 3 of the various suspension are suitable for using the centrifugal to separate the liquid and solid or grading particles.
  Our company produces more than 20 kinds of centrifuges such as LW-250、LW-350、LW-430、LW-450、LW-500、LW-500、LW-650、LW-720、LWnj-A-4500 ,Wnj-B-6000、LWnj-C-750 and LWnj-D-10000. According to the structure of rotor, it can be divided into current flow, counter flow, compound screw and bidirectional extrusion. According to its applications, it can be divided into concentrate, dehydration, classification and concentrating and dewatering machine. Therefore, it can be applied to chemistry, construction, mine, municipal administration, light industry, medicine making, food and environmental protection.
Our company will choose machine and makes design for customers according to real datas and real demands. Expect your visit to our company for technical communications and long-term cooperation.

Application range:
  Used to deal with sludge from paper making plant, textile plant, coal washing plant, waste water treatment plant, dyestuff plant, electroplate plant and chemical medical making plant.
Application rangeTypical applicable materials:
  Partial usage of materials are shown at following chart. New usages are constantly increased. For special materials, additional tests and analogy are needed in order to make sure the model and technial parameters of centrifuges.
Solid-liquid separation Sludge dewatering Size grading Liquid phase clarification
PCC resins Power plant sludge Titanium pigment Soybean protein
Ammonium sulfite Printing and dyeing sludge Kaolin Peanut protein
Barium carbonate
Paper making sludge Starch Juice
Stroontium carbonate Natural gas desulfurization sludge Drilling slurry Beverage
Xinde powder Calcium carbide sludge Coal powder floatation Plant oil
Barium carbonate Fibrous sludge Crystal ore flotation Citiric acid
Calcium carbonate Drilling slurry Diatomaceous earth Purification of waste oil
Starch Chlorine two mud Gypsum Purification of washing water
Alcohol waste liquid Auto sludge
Bauxite Orange juice
PTA Active sludge China clay Chlorine two mud
Blood powder Gypsum propeller Ore Alum sludge 


 Advantages and features:
  1、Rotary drum and other main parts are made from stainless steel;
  2、Screw conveyer adopts special anti-abrasion measures. Hard alloy protection layer or insert hard alloy resistant sheet for spray welding;
  3、Big and long diameter ratio; high rotary speed; hold many rotary drum structures with multiple angles;
  4、Can choose heavy load, large transmission ratio of the gear, epicyclic gear and hydraulic differential system;
  5、Differential rotary speed and torsion can be adjusted automatically along with materials concentration and flow rate variation;
  6、Horizontal screw unloadng settling centrifuge with BD plate can carry out concentration of active sludge, dehydration and separation of materials which are hard to be separated.

Running advantages:
  1、Taeda sludge pressing machine is a kind of equipment for sludge deep disposal. It can reduce moisture to lower than 60% one time. With up to standard emission, Taeda pressing machine can help enterprises face with various environmental inspection easily.
  2、 Whole system runs automatically. From feeeding, filtering and discharging, there is no need for manual operation.
  3、 Low disposal cost and short disposal period. Compared with common pressing machine, its disposal efficiency is 70% higher. With super high pressure design, amount of sludge modification additives is only 30% to 50% of common pressing machine. For dealing with 1-t sludge with 80% moisture, comprehensive disposal cost is reduced by 80 to 130RMB.

Working principle

Structure display:

screw sludge dewatering machine
Working principle chart:
screw sludge dewatering machine

Technical parameters

Drum diameter × length mm
Rotary speed ofdrum r/min

Maximum separation element
Processing amount of intermixture
Differential rotary speed
Electrical motor kg
weight of host
Model of host r/min
Rotary speed
Motor of host
Auxiliary machine
LW-250A φ250×1040 4800 3226 3-6 3-35 Y132S-2 2900/2870 7.5 3 1200 2080×1020×655
LW-350A φ350×1300 4500 3969 5-13 5-35 Y160M2-2 2930/2900 15 5.5 1800 2480×1200×755
LW-350A φ350×1550 4500 3969 5-15 5-35 Y160M2-2 2930/2900 15 5.5 2000 2680×1200×755
LW-350L φ350×1550 4500 3969 5-15 5-35 Y160M2-2 2930/2900 15 5.5 2000 3520×950×1180
LW-430A φ430×1763 4000 3853 10-30 5-35 Y200L1-2 2950/2900 30 7.5/11 3000 3160×1410×865
LW-430L φ430×1763 4000 4032 10-30 5-35 Y200L1-2 2950/2900 30 11 3000 4300×1000×1270
LW-450A φ450×1800 4000 4032 10-35 5-35 L200L2-2 2950/2930 30 11 3500 3270×1610×920
LW-500A φ500×2100 4000 4480 15-50 5-35 Y225M-4 1480/1460 45 15 4000 3680×1650×960
LW-530A φ530x2230 3800 4286 20-70 5-35 Y250M-4 1480/1470 55 18.5 4500 3820×1750×1000
LW-530L φ530x2230 3800 4286 20-70 5-35 Y250M-4 1480/1470 55 18.5 4500 4930×11001370
LW-650A φ650x2600 2800 2854 30-90 5-35 Y280S-4 1480/1470 75 22 6000 4260×1900×1150
LW-720A φ720x2880 2500 2520 40-110 5-35 Y280M-4 1480/1470 90 30 8000 4790×2050×1300


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