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Single Stage Coal Gasifier

Feed granularity: ≤50mm

Applications: it is applied to production industries such as metallurgy, drying, chemistry, building materials, refractory materials and fertilizer.  

Materials: non bonding and weak bonding bituminous coal and anthracite;

Product introduction: single-stage coal gasifier holds advantages such as high thermal value, less coal consumption, convenient operation, strong protection type, large by-product tar and good quality of tar. 

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Technical introduction

Single-stage coal gasifier is also called of one-stage coal gasifier which is characterized by large coal gas production, complete gasification, wide adaptability, high thermal value, easy operation and high safety performance.
GS series atmospheric fixed bed type coal gasifier featured in large coal gas production, complete gasification, wide adaptability, high thermal value, easy operation and high safety performance.
Single-stage coal gasifier is widely applied to machinery, metallurgy, building materials, light industry and chemical industry. The core equipment of coal gasification station is coal gasifier. Coal gasifier is also called coal gas producer which regards mixture of air and steam as gasifying agent. There will be reduction and oxidization reaction between raw materials (coal) and gasifying agent. Clean coal gas which is mainly composed of CO and H2 is produced. 


Working principle

Gasification process of single-stage coal gasifier
1.Process description of Solid state materials of coal gasifier
Coals are sent to coal storage by elevator. Then coals in storage are sent to coal gasifier by coal feeder. Then, coals enter gasification section for oxidation-reduction reaction after distillation section. Then, coal gas which mainly consists of CO and hydrogen. Most ash content in coal gas join in this reaction. Then, coal carbon which has not joined in this reaction will move downward in ash slag state and cleaned out by ash knife.
2.Process description of gaseous matters
Air and steam which are used as gasification agent are blown into furnace from the bottom. Under 1100 to 1200 degree centigrade, there will be a oxidation-reduction reaction between gasification agent and coals which enter the gasification section. Coal gas, composed of CO and hydrogen will be conducted out from coal gas outlet.
Coal gas purification process description of single-stage coal gasification station
coal gas (the temperature of coal gas is about 300 degree centigrade) discharged from furnace will pass through cyclone dust wiper first for eliminating big dust first (the temperature of coal gas here is about 2l0 degree centigrade;contains a great amount of dust). Then, the coal gas enters washer column where coal gas will touch with tar sprayed circularly. The heat in coal gas will be conveyed to tar (the temperature of coal gas here is about 60 to 70 degree centigrade; contains little amount of dust and large amount of tar). Coal gas is led to electrostatic coke wiper device where tar and dust contained in coal gas will be eliminated (the temperature of coal gas here is about 50 to 60 degree centigrade). Then, coal gas will be further purified by electrostatic dust collector in order to higher purification level (the temperature of coal gas here is about 40 to 50 degree centigrade). Finally, coal gas is conveyed to factory workshop by coal gas compressor. 

Technical parameters

Parameters of single-stage coal gasifier

Area of furnace hearth
Fuels availableAnthracite, bitumite and charred coal;
Combustion Granularity size
Maximum fuel consumption capacity
Coal gas output
The temperature of coal gas outlet
Thermal power of coal gas
The coal gas outlet pressure
Air pressure blown from the furnace bottom
Steam pressure
Dust removing modeRotary tower tray, wet type dust removal;
RemarksSpecial specifications are up to customers.

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