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Biomass Gasifier

【Gas output】:90-1200m3/h       

【Application range】:used to gasify biomass into combustible gas.

【Applicable material】:agricultural straw, corn cob, wood shavings, tree branc, waste from bamboo processing.

【Product introduction】:Biomass gasifier provided by Taeda featured in sufficient gas output and stable running performance.

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Technical introduction

Biomass gasifier fully makes use of agricultural and forestry wastes (like straw, tree branch, rice husk, fungus and waste biomass) to produce combustible gas and charcoal. It is a kind of biomass thermal transfer technology. Working principle: It heats biomass under incomplete combustion condition and organic hydrocarbons with higher molecular weight is cracked into combustible gas with low molecular weight like CO, H2 and CH4.
  Application range of Taeda® biomass gasifier: provide heat source for various dryer, coating line bodies, electroplating plant ovens, boilers, small power station boilers, industrial boilers, incinerators, die-casting machines, drying equipment, kitchen equipment, drying equipment, food drying equipment, ironing equipment, Paint baking equipment, road construction equipment, industrial annealing furnaces, oil, gas, coal-fired large-tonnage boilers, asphalt heating equipment and other thermal energy industries.


a. Scientific design, reasonable structure and good effect;
b.Safe and good adapability, simple operation; works as normal pressure equipment, without safety risk.
c.Energy saving and environment friendly. First, Fuels are easy to get and cost less expense. Optional fuels are agricultural straw, crushed wood chips and biomass wastes. Second, it can reduce pollution caused by straw incineration and there is no pollutant discharged out, which do help for environnent protection. Third, save use of non-renewable resources.
d. With government support, reduce economy burden.
e.Wide range of fuel, agricultural straw, corn cob, wood shavings, tree branc, waste from bamboo processing.

Working principle

Biomass gasifier contains feeder, gasification furnace, cyclone collector, scrubbing tower, vacuum pump, gas storage cabinet and pipe.


Technical parameters

Combustible gas ingredient from different fuel(Unit:%):
FuelN2CO2O2COH2CH4其 它
Wood shaving46.012.60.623.513.42.51.4
Corn straw46.713.30.821.413.22.22.4
Rice straw48.913.70.819.712.51.92.5
Rice husk49.714.10.819.611.61.92.3
Specification :300,000-15,000,000kcal/h,designed and manufactured according to customers' demands。
Thermal output  MJ/h4509001800360045006000
Gas output m3/h901803607209001200
Gas calorific value kJ/ m3>5000>5000>5000>5000>5000>5000
Gasification effciency %757575757575
Ash content in tar mg/ m3<20<20<20<20<20<20

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