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Fish dryer
FOB Price: sent inquiry to us
Brand Name: Taida
Model Number: Can be customized
Mininum Order Quantity: 1SET
Supply Ability: 10 sets per month
Delivery Time: 25 days

Fish dryer, fish dryer, fish drying machine

tunnel type or box type

big capacity/small capacity

temperature control

Fish dryer, fish dryer, fish drying machine

Hot air keeps closed circulating in the dryer, high efficiency, & energy conservation.

Forced circulating ventilation reduced the temperature differences in the dryer.

It equips with adjustable air distributing plate inside the oven.

Raw materials can be dried uniformly.

The temperature and humidity of air can be controlled automatically, including one set of automatic heating, damp extraction and air circulation system.

Use 30-60°C relatively low temperature to dry, the finished material is of high quality, good color, good rehydration, unbreakable. The nutrition can be maintained maximum.

Overheating protection device automatically cuts off power when overheating occurs.

Inside surface and outside surface are made of SUS304.

Technical parameters

Drying temperature Power suppplyV Installed powerKW Number(set) Processing capacityKg Exterior size
TD45 15~35 AC220 10 4 450 3400×3500×2650
TD65 15~35 AC380/220 14 6 650 4300×3400×2650
TD90 15~35 AC380/220 16 8 920 5100×3400×2650
TD110 15~35 AC380/220 22 10 1100 6200×3400×2650

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