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Oily Sludge Sand Harmless Dryer

【Applicable material】:Oily sludge, tank bottom sludge, sludge slag after three-phase separation, floor sludge and accident sludge.  
【Production capacity】:0.3-3t/h
Application range】  :  Suitable for dealing with oil sludge. After pyrolysis in furncae, oil will be extracted and recycled. Remaining ash slag contains less than 0.3% oil and the ash slag will become common wastes so that to reach harmless standard. Final products can be used for brick making or other purposes.

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Technical introduction

      Oil sludge is accompanying product and major pollution source produced in petroleum production. Oil sludge is a difficult problem which will affect surrounding oil field and environment. In addition, oil sludge contains large amount of organic matters, rich nitrogen, phosphorus and sulpur which will cause great harm to environment and human beings.
      Aimed at kind of solid wastes, Taeda designs and develops WSC series oil sludge disposal equipment. Whole purification process is scientific, reasonable, stable and reliable. Whole process and equipment are mature and high automatic which can help reduce disposal cost. Sludge with low oil content holds less value for recycling and disposal circle can be simplified, which not affect the harmless disposal and amount reduction will aim.

Comparison of oil sludge before and after drying and pyrolysis process:

oil sludge disposal

Social profit and application prospect:

  Taeda WSC series oil sludge disposal system can be used to treat great amount of oil sludge every year. It is a very effective method for oil sludge disposal and holds good social effect. It is a kind of advanced treatment method. It can avoid pollution caused to environment and pyrolysis produced can be reused as good resources.

   WSC series equipment adopts environment friendly, energy-saving and harmless disposal method during oil sludge disposal process. There is no secondary emission and it holds good superiority and is regarded as a practical technology. It is featured in low investment, large capacity and quick effect. WSC series oil sludge disposal equipment has been sold to more than ten countries and regions. It is a disposal equipment with great market prospect.




  • Green and no pollution

    Exhaust gas disposal of oil sludge pyrolysis harmless disposal equipment is carried out strictly according to national standard. Less flue gas emission meets requirements.

  • Low cost & high profit

    Save investment and running cost. Occupies less area, with beautiful and compact design, easy to install, save civil work cost. Can recycle sample oil while dealing with solid wastes.

  • Durable & long service life

    Designed service life can exceeds 10 years. With less quick wear parts, easy to maintain and manage  

  • Multiple application range

    This equipment is suitable for dealing with oil sludge, sludge slag after three-phase separation, floor sludge and accident sludge.


Working principle

oil disposal pyrolysis equipment

      Taeda technical department will formulate oil sludge purification technology ba

sed on on-site condition and oil sludge feature. Core system contains: oil sludge pyrolysis, oil gas cooling and flue gas purification.
Taeda oil sludge pyrolysis harmless disposal procedures

       Oily sludge, tank bottom sludge, sludge slag after three-phase separation, floor sludge, accident sludge and other harmful sludge, after pre-drying disposal, average moisture of dry slag is ≤30%. The moisture can be adjusted according to demands. Adjustment range is 10% to 50%. After high temperature pyrolysis equipment, average moisture of residue is ≤4%. Organic matter which can be gasified in residue is ≤ 0.3%. Residues are harmful and can be used as raw materials for subgrade soil, house foundation soil, brick, cement and ceramics. Exhaust gas disposal is carried out strictly according to national standard. There will be no dioxin and other pollutants produced during the disposal process.

Taeda oil sludge pyrolysis disposal system composition

A. Drying unit: drying part is core unit of the system, used for low temperature drying of oil sludge with more than 50% moisture content. Moisture of oil sludge can be reduced to about 20%. According to features of oil sludge, please contact us over email, we will choose you most suitable drying unit.  
B. Pyrolysis unit: deep oil reduction equipment, hydrocarbon materials will be splitted and gasified in micro-negative and closed no oxygen-free pyrolysis machine so that to reach deep oil reduction aim. There is anti-coke device set in pyrolysis equipment(multiple anti-coke technology) and running process is safe . This pyrolysis machine adopts continuous working modes and we can also provide batch type pyrolysis equipment different from pyrolysis machine designed for liquid crude oil in common oil refinery plants.
C.Exhaust gas purification unit: it is flue gas disposal unit and is key unit to reach standard emission. Exhaust gas disposal system contains cyclone collector, alkaline scrubbing tower, scrubbing tower, biological filtering bed, bag filter and active carbon absorption system.
D. other units: system also contains raw material conveying unit, compressed gas unit and automatic control unit.


Technical parameters

NO. Item Contents
Equipment model
WSC Y9 Series
Applicable materials
 tank bottom sludge, sludge slag after three-phase separation, floor sludge and accident sludge.  
Horizontal rotary type
Daily capacity

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