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Pyrolysis Equipment

Materials: use tyres (all kinds of used tyres and tyre rings); used rubber, waste sole, inner tube, PMMA, PE (expensive, is always made into granular plastics), PET (transparent beverage bottle; try not to use), PVC (water pipe), PP (disposable cups; try not to use) and various waste nylon products. 

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Technical introduction

use tyres (all kinds of used tyres and tyre rings); used rubber, waste sole, inner tube, PMMA, PE (expensive, is always made into granular plastics), PET (transparent beverage bottle; try not to use), PVC (water pipe), PP (disposable cups; try not to use) and various waste nylon products.
Project of taida drying pyrolysis oil refining
Project introduction:
The pyrolysis oil refining project of Zhengzhou taida drying equipment Co. ltd regards duty, environmental protection, pragmatism and innovation as its main enterprise idea. It always foucus on recycling and and processing domestic wastes and orgainic wastes such as waste materials, used tyres, used rubber, used plastics, used oil and food wastes. It uses renewable energy to replace conventional energy. Our company devotes to solve global energy crisis. We have cooperated with China University of geosciences and thermal energy engineering research Institute of Zhejiang University. Our company holds strong superiorities on research and development, production, sales and service. At present, we have many adcanced patents and technologies. Our equipemnts has been sold to many domestic areas such as Zhejiang, helongjiang, Hebei, Sichuan, Gansu, guangxi, Guangdong and Liaoning. Also, we have sold our equipments to many foreign countries such as Austrilia, Korea, India, Pakistan, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Italy. 
Pyrolysis oil refining/pyrolysis equipment

At present, we hold many adcanced patents and technologies, such as the processing technic of used rubber pyrolysis and process of coarse carbon black, equiment of wastes materials constant pyrolysis, microwave automatic pyrolysis of used rubber, horizontal constant dry distillation device of kerogen shale and dry distillation methods. 
Pyrolysis oil refining/pyrolysis equipment
We have solved problems common in pyrolysis process such constant production under high temperature, sealing feed, sulfide in materials, corrosion problem of chlorid, pipe blockage, balance of stability and pressure. Zhengzhou taida holds a comprehensive solution on equiment, technology, sales, marketing and research and development. 
Pyrolysis oil refining/pyrolysis equipment
Terminal products
Terminal products which regard used tyres as raw materials for pyrolysis oil refining: 45% tyre oil; 35% carbon black; 12% to 15% steel wire; 5% to 8% used gas; tyre oil can also be called fuel oil which can be sold directly (these fuel oil can also further processed by carbon black refining equipment; used as fuel for boiler, bath center, resturants and floor tiles); can be used processed into organic solvents and vehicle fuels by refining equipments. Carbon black can be sold as fuels and can be further processed by refining equipment. This kind of equipment has two models. One is a machine which can process the materials to 300 to 1000 meshes. Terminal products can be used as rubber or tyre stuffing. Another one is a machine which can process materials to 1000 to 2500 meshes. Terminal products can be used as industrial carbon black and printer’s ink. Plastic oil can also be called fuel oil which can be sold and used as fuel. The quality of plastic carbon black is not that good if it is used as fuel.
Notes: terminal products of other used materials are similar with products mentioned above
Pyrolysis oil refining/pyrolysis equipment
Equipment safety
Based on scientific development and harmonious idea, Taida has always attaches much importance to safe production. In the process of manufacturing, all materials and manufactures of production are strictly according to national standards. Equipment is in micro negative pressure state all the time while it is running. Micro negative pressure system can well avoid gas leak. Noncondensable gas consists of hydrocarbon organic matter, chlorine hydride, sulfur, formi acid, acetic acid and other corrosive gases from C1 to C4. If these matters are burnt directly, severe corrosion to equipment and major safety accident may beo produced.  
The pyrolysis process of taida regards corrosive gas as fuel. Before burning, corrosive gas will be eliminated first. Micro negative pressure system and burning system will be separated into two indepentent systems. Then, by using two gas separation devices and a special fire return resistant device, the gas will enter gas burning system for safe utilization. What’s more important, we adopt temperature and pressure multi-touch contro and temperature and over-pressure alarm system. We also adopt up-to-date super pressure automatic blasting to replace pressure safety valve. Other pressure relief devices are installed in this system to gurantee the pressure balance in the course of running. 
Pyrolysis oil refining/pyrolysis equipment


Main characteristics:
1. The inner system of the equipment runs in the micro negative pressure state to avoid gas leak; the process is friendly to environment;
2. Pyrolysis equipment adopts horizontal dual drive rotary structure to gurantee even heating and long service span;
3. Special process design can effectively eliminate corrosive gas; reduce the damage of equipment; reduce environmental pollution;
4. Special design of equiment exit to avoid block; much safer;
5. Adopts new multiple-stage separator device in inner structure; can produce gas which is effectively separated with colloid; reduce possibilities of equipment corrosion and block;
6. Multifunctional rectifying tower with advanced design, sophisticated technology, efficient oil producing and good-quality oil;
7. Automatic feeding and slag discharge system; reduce feed and discharge time; save labor force and cost; improve production efficiency;
8. New-type countercurrent wet dust removal process which makes the disposal of flue gas and waste gas meet national standard;
9. Brand new self-cleaning and condensating system which solves the problem that condenser tube is easily blocked;
10.  Brand new design; better equipment; less area occupied; more oil produced; more environmental friendly and safer; 
Pyrolysis oil refining/pyrolysis equipment

Working principle

Main process
Continuous thermal cracking micro negative pressure process, Continuous thermal cracking atmospheric process, the intermittent micro thermal cracking pressure process, the intermittent thermal cracking atmospheric process;
Pyrolysis oil refining/pyrolysis equipment
Production flow chart 
Pyrolysis oil refining/pyrolysis equipment

Technical parameters

Oil yeild of raw materials 
Pyrolysis oil refining/pyrolysis equipment

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