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The Zhengzhou Taida Seed Dryers and Seed Storage Systems dry and preserve seeds without affecting their quality.To preserve the seeds, it is essential to lower the moisture content to around 5 per cent, thereby limiting their deterioration. Drying of seeds at elevated temperatures destroys their germination potential.

Zhengzhou Taida Seed Dryers, based on the state-of-the-art desiccant drying technology, dry the seeds to the required level in four to six hours without affecting their quality. Dried seeds can thus be stored in dehumidified stores without loss of germination potential.Bry-Air seed dryers are based on the principle of physical adsorption.

The seed dryers essentially consist of two parts: the first is a chamber fitted with perforated trays where the seed to be dried is placed. The number of trays varies with the quantity of seed to be dried and also the size of the equipment. On top housed the second part - the dehumidifying dryer which continuously feeds dry air into the chambers.The dry air is at a moisture content of 5% RH and temperature of 1000F +/- 50F is fed into the chamber which picks up the moisture from the seeds, and is dried again in the dehumidifier.

These seed dryers have been developed by Zhengzhou Taida and incorporate a unique air distribution pattern through the trays to optimize drying capacities and time.These seed dryers come in several models and can handle 50kg to 900kg of seeds per 8 hours depending upon the model used.

Zhengzhou Taida seed dryers are beneficial to both commercial and plant breeding organasations and are already being used extensively by state seed bodies, international and national seeds bodies and private organisations.


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