Installation Guidance of Sludge Dryer

Author: Taida machine       Release time:2017-05-24
Reading guidance:As a professional sludge drying system manufacturer in China, Zhengzhou Taida Group can provide you reasonable guidances for installation in order to get ideal drying effect.
  Installation work is very important for dryer. It can even severely affect the working efficiency and drying effect of sludge dryer. Wrong installation method will not achieve ideal drying result. Even sludge drying equipment will breakdown because of wrong installation work. You may ask how to carry out proper and correct installation process?
sludge dryer
sludge drying scene

  Here are some tips to guide you to install sludge dryer correctly:

1、Choose the most reliable sludge dryer manufacturer and select professional technicians to guided installation;
2、Build foundation according to drawing requests provided by manufacturer; put and fix sludge dryer on a steady base;
3、Make sure that the feeding end of sludge dryer is a little higher than discharging end in order to provide convenience for the flow of materials;
4、Connect power supply; clean all the impurities and unnecessary workers at the working area of sludge dryer;
5、Start up the sludge dryer with no load; check if there is any vibration or noise of equipment;
6、Add proper amount of materials for trial production; Check if the drying effect can meet expected production demand;
7、Carry out normal work with full load; During the working process, carry out proper maintenance and inspection. 

If you have any other problems about sludge dryer, you can call us at 0086-18539990967 or send email to we are glad to provide help for you. 

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