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Gas Fired (oil) Hot Blast Stove

Total amount of fuel coal: 60 to 360 kg

Applications:it is applied to production industries such as metallurgy, drying, chemistry, building materials, refractory materials and fertilizer.

Materials: non-bonding and weak bonding anthracite and bitumite;
Product introduction: hot air furnace is a kind of heat exchange equipment which regards air as working media. It is divided into two kinds, direct and indirect type. 

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Technical introduction

According to customers’ requests and process, our company can produce various hot air furnaces with various fuels and power such as horizontal type, vertical type, positive pressure type and negative pressure type. Applications: drying, heating and hot air; hot air composition: furnace body, air mixing device, flue gas outlet, abutment and air regulator. 


Main features:
1. Jacket type air cooling structure; can cool both outer wall of and inner wall of furnace;
2. As secondary combustion air, cool air joins the combustion,which improves thermal efficiency.
3. Flotation inner tube can guarantee free thermal expansion;
4. Special high-aluminum bricks shaped arch guarantee long service life of furnace wall;
5. Vortex shell is adopted for air mixture; reasonable design and even air mixture;
6. special burner developed by our company can automatically distribute the amount of primary air and secondary air; the temperature of hot air can be adjusted freely with change of process while full combustion is guaranteed. 

Working principle

Technical parameters

Technical parameters: model  rated combustion power (ten thousand calories/h)  the temperature of hot air   available fuels  structure TDL-350 30 250°C to 650°C  natural gas  blast-furnace coal gas  liquefied petroleum gas
Hot (cold) coal gas   vertical/horizontal type
 TDL-700 60 TDL-1400 120 TDL-1750 150 TDL-2100 180 TDL-2450 210 TDL-2800 240 TDL-3150 270 TDL-3500 300 TDL-3850 330 TDL-4200 360 TDL-4550 390 TDL-4900 420 TDL-5600 480 TDL-6300 540 TDL-7000 600 TDL-7700 660

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