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Stainless-steel Storage Tank

Total production capacity: 0.3 to 60 t/h
Applications: it is applied to coating, medicine, building materials, chemical industry, pigment, resin, food and scientific research.
Materials: on adhesive and weakly bonded materials;
Product introduction: zhengzhou taida drying equipment co,. Ltd is a comprehensice company which is specialized in development, design, manufacture, marketing and service of mixing and agitating equipment. 

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Technical introduction

Stainless-steel storage tank
Brief introduction of storage tank:
Storage tanks are used to store the chemicals, such as acid, alkali, alcohol, gas, liquid and etc. The stainless steel storage tank is one of the most widely used stainless steel containers in the food industry. Because the sealing performance of the storage tank is good, it is often used food industry for various characteristics of the food.
Stainless steel tanks are made of composite stainless steel. Therefore this kind of tank can withstand general chloride corrosion. This compound stainless steel contains a certain amount of chromium which can avoid the corrosion of chlorid. In addtion, it holds many other elements which can withstand the corrosion of many media. Its comprehensive ability is very high. It is suitable for storage and transportation of materials of food industry. It is a kind of equipment which is similar with mobile storage tank.
For stainless steel tank, vertical storage tanks are the majority. Althoug it is called storage tank, it works as not only storage tank. It has many other forms such as vacumm tank, reaction tank and stainless steel fermentation tank. Similar with mixing tank, it can realize many types of works in industry and can do much hely for projects.
In addition, this kind of tank can not only be used to industry, but also can be used to food industry. It is a kind of equipment which can be applied to wining making and fermentation. It is also a kind of important equipment of beverage formation. It makes great influence in industry and food. 
Stainless-steel storage tank


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