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Industrial Sludge Dehydration

Applicable industries: paper making plants, printing and dyeing plants, pharmacy, coal washing, drilling, electroplating plants, livestock-raising farm, food and kitchen wastes;
Applicable range: deep dehydration disposal of industrial sludge;
Previous performance: 1. Industrial sludge disposal project of liangyi group in shenzhen; 2. Electroplating sludge dehydration project of auto parts manufacturing company in Wuhan; 3. Pharmacy sludge dehydration project of guangji pharmaceutical company in hubei; 4. Industrial sludge disposal project in kangda environmental protection high density water affairs;

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Technical introduction

Comparing with municipal sludge, there is less organic matter contained in industrial sludge. The components of sludge are different in different industries. However, similarly, there are chemical residues in both industrial sludge and municipal sludge. Many enterprises choose to send sludge to professional companies after deep dehydration. They pay professional companies according to weight. To reduce sludge and save cost as much as possible, Zhengzhou Taida launched a set of super pressure sludge dehydration equipment-sludge drying press. 

Industrial sludge dehydration press machine
Deep dehydration equipment of taida-sludge press machine 

Industrial sludge dehydration press machine
Large sludge press machine 
Industrial sludge dehydration press machine
Sludge cakes are formed after disposed by sludge dehydration press machine 

Industrial sludge dehydration press machine
Taida industrial sludge dehydration equipment can reduce the moisture to 15% to 55%, which is 15% to 40% lower than that of common sludge filter press. The dehydration of sludge meets environmental standard. This equipment can not only reduce the production of sludge, but also save disposal cost. 


1. Taida industrial dehydration equipment is mainly aimed at deep dehydration for sludge. The pressure of dehydration can be adjusted. The highest pressure can reach up to 8Mpa. After being disposed, the sludge cakes produced contains less moisture and uniform moisture. It conforms to disposal requests on sludge incineration, sludge building materials and sludge organic soil. Less moisture content reduces the amount of sludge cakes, which can save subsequent disposal costs.
2. High disposal efficiency; each cycling period is only 40 minutes. The handling capacity of one set of 120-square meter dehydration equipment is equvalent to a 500-square meter diaphragm filter press, which can save costs and covering area for customers.
3. The body of equipment and filter board adopt high strength steel alloy. With stable performance, the service span of wearin parts is 6 to 10 times of that in common equipment. 

Industrial sludge dehydration press machine
4. After receiving customer’s order, taida will appoint experienced engineers to site for guiding installation and debugging. Taida also provides technical training till the equipment can run normally. 
Industrial sludge dehydration press machine
Debugging site of sludge dehydration equipment 

Working principle

1. Sludge conditioning: use small amount of green sludge conditioning reagent to change the quality of sludge;
2. After the conditioning, sludge will enter bunker pump and feed with 6 to 8 Mpa pressure. After finishing feeding, turn off feed pump.
3. Sludge will be dried up with 6 to 8 Mpa pressure. After deep dehydration, sludge becomes dry sludge cake. Under the function of pneumatic discharge device of taida dehydration equipment, sludge cake unloading is finished automatically.
4. It costs about 30 to 50 yuan to dispose one-ton printing and dyeing sludge with 80% moisture content, including labor force, electricity, reagent charge, filter cloth and damage loss. 

Technical parameters

If you want more information about sludge dehydration equipment, please contact Zhengzhou Taida at 0086-18539990967.

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Sales hotline:0086-18539990967

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