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Biomass Gasification

Gas amount produced: 90 to 1200 mm
Applications: it is applied to production industries such as metallurgy, drying, chemistry, building materials, refractory materials and fertilizer.
Materials: crop straws, corncob, sawdust, tree branches, refractory materials, bamboo and wood processing wastes and other combustible wastes;
Product introduction: biomass gasification project is also called biomass central comprehensive utilization system. It is a kind of new energy project which gets our government and country’s support. It is a best project to effectively develop and utilize renewable energy and waste energy in order to replace primary energy. 

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Technical introduction

Biomass gasification project is also called biomass central comprehensive utilization system. It is a kind of new energy project which gets our government and country’s support. It is a best project to effectively develop and utilize renewable energy and waste energy in order to replace primary energy. It is an effective way to promote new rural construction and comprehensive utilization of energy-saving and environmental protection. This project plays a very important promoting role to improving rural environment, protecting the ecological balance, improving peasants’ living standard, improving peasants’ energy utilization method, reducing emission and saving energy.
Biomass gasification station makes full use of  forestry and agricultural residues (such as straws, risk husk, fruit branch, edible fungus dish and combustible wastes) to produce combustible gas and charcoal. Combustible gas is stored in gas storage tank and is sent to citizens’ home directly by under ground pipe network for daily use or heating in winter. 


A. Scientific design, advanced technology; experts in office of science and technology of china organize identification of scientific and technological achievements; the results of the identification show: this project is correct. This project adopts reasonable principles. With reasonable structure and food effect, it has reached to a leading level at home.
B. Safe and practical; simple operation; this machine adopts normal pressure, so it holds high safety factor. After a short-term training, common farmers can operate this machine. It can be widely applied to village.
C. Save energy; protect environment; combustible raw materials can be obtained locally; raw materials are cheap; can choose sawdust, straws and other agricultural wastes as production raw materials; it is better for the reutilization of wastes and improve ruran environment; reduce pollution caused by the combustion of straws; no pollution is discharged in gasification process; can protect ecological environment; save unrenewable resources such as coal;
D. Policy support: economical and practical; receive financial supports from government from all levels; the straw gas cost is cheaper than coal cost; straw gas is widely used in rural areas; clean, efficient, fast, convinent, save time, save labor force, save cost; improve farmers’ living quality; speed up the modernization of rural area; create condition for social rural construction;
E. Raw materias are from a wide range such as straws, corncob, sawdust, tree branch, forestry and other combustible wastes;
F. Applications: used as heat source for various dryers, coating line body, electroplating factory oven, boiler and other heat energy industries;
G. System specification: 50 to 500 kilocalorie/h, it can be manufactured according to customers’ real demands; 

Working principle

1. Biomass centralized comprehensive gasification system is composed of feeder, gasifier, cyclone dust collector, washing tower, vacumm pump, purification separator, gas holder and pipenetworks. Compared with small gasifier, biomass gasfication holds big spefications, automatic device and big gas holder. It holds functions such as raw materials gas making, gas purification and automatic separation. 
Biomass gasification
Process flow chart: 
Biomass gasification
Biomass gasification is a kind of technology where happens biomass thermo chemical conversion. Under incomplete combustion condition, biomass raw materials is heated for the decompostion of organic  carbureted hydrocarbon which will become CO, H2 AND CH4 with low molecular number. 

Technical parameters

Gasification gas components of various raw materials (%)
Raw materials N2 CO2 O2 CO H2 CH4 other
Sawdust 46.0 12.6 0.6 23.5 13.4 2.5 1.4
Corncob 46.2 13.1 0.7 22.5 13.2 2.2 2.1
Maize straw 46.7 13.3 0.8 21.4 13.2 2.2 2.4
Wheat straw 48.9 13.7 0.8 19.7 12.5 1.9 2.5
Rice husk 49.7 14.1 0.8 19.6 11.6 1.9 2.3
System specification: 30 to 1500 ten thousand kilocalorie/h. Design and manufacture is decided according to customers’ demand;
Unite model TY90 TY180 TY360 TY720 TY900 TY1200
Output power
450 900 1800 3600 4500 6000
Gas produced
90 180 360 720 900 1200
 kJ/ m3
thermal value of gas
>5000 >5000 >5000 >5000 >5000 >5000
Gasification effieicency
75 75 75 75 75 75
 mg/ m3
Ash content of tar
<20 <20 <20 <20 <20 <20

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